March 2, 2001

RE: A Listing of New Tax Forms, Instructions, and Schedules; Errors Found on Hawaii Tax Forms As of March 1, 2001


  1. Dual Rate Form RV-6, "Dual Rate Amended Rental Motor Vehicle and Tour Vehicle Surcharge Tax Annual Return & Reconciliation"
  2. G-5, "Application for General Excise/Use One-Time Event Identification Number"
  3. Instructions for Filing Form G-45 for a One-Time Event
  4. M-19 Instructions, "Instructions for Form M-19"
  5. M-100A, "Application to Purchase Cigarette Tax Stamps"
  6. M-100B, "Authorization to Order and Receive Cigarette Tax Stamps"
  7. M-101, "Cigarette Tax Stamp Bond"
  8. M-102A, "Cigarette Tax Stamps Order Form (For Purchases Made at First Hawaiian Bank)"
  9. M-102B, "Cigarette Tax Stamps Order Form (For Purchases Made at the Department of Taxation)"
  10. M-102M, "Cigarette Tax Stamps Order Form (For Out-of-State Purchases)"
  11. M-103, "Transfer of Cigarette Tax Stamps"
  12. M-104, "Export Exemption for Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes"
  13. M-105, "Schedule of Imported Foreign Cigarettes to Which Hawaii Cigarette Tax Stamps Have Been Affixed"
  14. M-106, "Request for Refund of Unused Cigarette Tax Stamps"
  15. N-200V, "Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher"
  16. N-320, "Individual Development Account Contribution Tax Credit"
  17. Schedule CR, "Schedule of Tax Credits"
  18. Schedule D (Form N-35) Instructions, "Instructions for Schedule D (Form N-35)" (The instructions are now separate from the form.)
  1. Form N-152 On page 2, Line 38, which reads, ". . . Add lines 13 and 45," should read: ". . . Add lines 13 and 37."
  2. Form N-70NP On page 1, Line 17, which reads, ". . .   Form N-210," should be deleted.  An N-70NP filer can only use Form N-220 to compute the underpayment of estimated tax.  Per Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 6655(g)(3)(A), any organization subject to the tax imposed by IRC section 511, and any private foundation, shall be treated as a corporation.
  3. Schedule D (Form N-30) Part II of the form does not include a separate line to enter the total capital gain distributions paid by a regulated investment company or a real estate investment trust.  The amount of the distribution should be included on Line 7.
  4. Schedule D (Form N-40) On page 2, Line 40, which reads, ". . . If line 39 is $12,000, enter $636.00," should read:  ". . . If line 39 is $12,000, enter $670.00."
  5. Schedule K-1 (Form N-40) On the back of the Schedule, in the Instructions for Line 10a, which reads, ". . . payment made on January 20, 2000," should read:  ". . . payment made on January 20, 2001."  Note: If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, file by the next regular workday.
  6. N-168 Instructions, page 3; N-11/12  Instructions, pages 6, 11, 18, 24, 26 and 30; N-15 Instructions, pages 6, 24 and 38 Federal Form 1040PC is obsolete.  Any references to the form in the instructions should be ignored.
  7. Booklet A On page 14, Section 12 Employee's Statement Concerning Non-Residence in the State of Hawaii, Form HW-6, second paragraph, which reads, "In order for an employee . . . signed by the employer . . .," should read:  "In order for an employee . . . signed by the employee . . ."
Tax forms are available at our website at:, at our district tax offices (Oahu District Office, 830 Punchbowl Street; Maui District Office, 54 S. High Street, #208; Hawaii District Office, 75 Aupuni Street, #101; and Kauai District Office, 3060 Eiwa Street, #105) or by calling our Forms Request Line at:  808-587-7572 or toll free at:  1-800-222-7572.

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Director of Taxation