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June 30, 2003
RE: Act 135, Session Laws of Hawaii 2003, Relating to Taxation (Act 135)

Act 135 amends or repeal obsolete tax laws.

Section 1 of Act 135 adds definitions of “retailer” and “sales at retail” because other sections in chapters 237 and 238, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), refer to these terms. (Section 237-16, HRS, which refers to retailers and certain sales at retail, is repealed in section 6 of Act 135)

Section 2 amends section 231-23, HRS, by designating the tax reserve fund as a trust fund, rather than as a special fund. The moneys in the fund are used to refund overpaid taxes. This change implements a recommendation by the State Auditor.

Section 3 repeals the general excise tax (GET) exemption in section 237-24.3, HRS, for locally produced goods that was held to be unconstitutional in the Matter of Hawaiian Flour Mills, Inc., 76 Haw. 1 (1994).

Section 4 makes housekeeping amendments to the use tax law.

Sections 5 and 8 repeal sections 237-8.5 and 238-2.5, HRS, respectively, relating to the obsolete general excise and use tax surcharge tax proposed for the funding of a mass-transit system.

Section 6 repeals section 237-16, HRS, relating to the imposition of the GET on certain retailing, because this section is duplicative of section 237-13, HRS, which imposes the GET on all business activities, including retailing.

Section 7 repeals section 237-28.2, HRS, relating to an exemption for producers of motion picture or television films, because the exemption expired on July 1, 1976.

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Kurt Kawafuchi
Director of Taxation