May 24, 1991


RE: Booklet A, Employer's Tax Guide (Rev. 1990) with
Hawaii Income Tax Withholding Rates Effective January 1, 1991

For 1991, the income tax rates for individuals have not changed. This means that the information, tax tables, and tax rate schedules in the Booklet A, Employer's Tax Guide (Rev. 1990) are still applicable. Therefore, the Department will not be revising or updating Booklet A in 1991 and, unlike prior years, a new Booklet A will not be mailed out to already registered employers. Employers with Booklet A (Rev. 1990) are encouraged not to discard their Booklet A, and to continue using this Booklet A until further notice.

If by chance you have discarded your Booklet A, a replacement may be obtained by contacting the State Tax Office, Taxpayer Services Branch, in Honolulu or any of the district offices on the neighbor islands. A Booklet A can also be ordered by calling (808) 587-7572 or toll-free 1-800-222-7572. All written requests should be addressed to:

Department of Taxation
Taxpayer Services Branch
P. O. Box 259
Honolulu, Hawaii 96809-0259

Director of Taxation