March 22, 1996


RE: List of Candidates for Political Office Who Have Registered With the Campaign Spending Commission
This announcement is issued to accommodate certain taxpayers who made political contributions to candidates for political office. These candidates have registered with the Campaign Spending Commission and agreed to abide by the campaign spending limits set by law.

Section 235-7(g)(2), Hawaii Revised Statutes, provides for a deduction from taxable income of an aggregate amount up to $1,000 ($2,000 on a joint return) a year of political contributions by any individual taxpayer under the following conditions:

  1. The political candidates have agreed to abide by the campaign spending provisions set by law, and
  2. The maximum allowable deduction is $250 ($500 on a joint return) to any single candidate.
For more detailed information regarding the deduction for political contributions refer to Tax Information Release No. 80-5, dated April 3, 1980. The Release is still valid despite the discontinuance of Form N-170, Income Tax Deduction Receipt, and the increase in the amount of the deduction provided by Act 10, Special Session Laws of Hawaii, 1995.

The attachment lists political candidates who filed with the Campaign Spending Commission for the year 1994. Also, it includes those candidates that terminated their agreement with the Commission to abide by the campaign spending limits. Contributions made before the filing date or after the terminating date cannot be claimed as a deduction. Only amounts contributed during the period the candidates were actively filed with the Commission shall be allowed.

Director of Taxation