January 12, 1998


RE: List of Candidates for Political Office Who Have Registered With the Campaign Spending Commission
Hawaii allows a deduction for political contributions, including contributions to candidates for political office. Section 235-7(g)(2), Hawaii Revised Statutes, permits an individual taxpayer to deduct from taxable income an aggregate amount up to $1,000 ($2,000 on a joint return) a year for contributions to political candidates under the following conditions:
  1. The political candidates have agreed to abide by the campaign spending limits set by law, and
  2. The maximum allowable deduction is $250 ($500 on a joint return) to any single candidate.
Individuals may deduct contributions to the political candidates listed in the attachment to this announcement if the contributions were made after the candidates' start dates and prior to the termination dates, if any. Contributions made before the start dates or after the termination dates cannot be claimed as a deduction. The candidates' start dates are listed in the attachment under "AFFIDAVIT" and their termination dates are listed under "TERM."

The listing of political candidates was provided by the Campaign Spending Commission. If you have any questions regarding the listing, call the Campaign Spending Commission at 586-0285.

For more detailed information regarding this deduction, refer to Tax Information Release (TIR) No. 80-5, dated April 3, 1980. That TIR is still valid except that Form N-170 is no longer required and the amount of the maximum deduction to any single candidate has been increased.

Director of Taxation

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