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Tax Department Offers Internet Filing of Various State Tax Forms

RELEASED:  April 2, 2001

Beginning today, the Department of Taxation, working with the Hawaii Information Consortium, can now offer you the opportunity to file various tax forms and pay your taxes through the Internet. This offering is part of the Governor's initiative to have State agencies offer electronic services through the State's Internet Portal, eHawaiiGov.

We highly encourage taxpayers to try this new filing and paying medium as it is easy and convenient.  With prompted step-by-step instructions throughout the process, filing may be done any time (24 hours a day/7 days a week), eliminating the trip down to the Tax Department or the Post Office.  Internet filing and paying allows the Department of Taxation to take advantage of new technological advances and developments to be more efficient and responsive to taxpayers' needs.

Taxpayers may file ‘selected' income, general excise, withholding, transient accommodations, rental vehicle and tour vehicle surcharge, and miscellaneous type tax forms AND pay taxes ONLINE by going to the eHawaiiGov website at

After completing a registration form, extension forms, estimated income tax forms, withholding period returns, a one-time event business license application, and other miscellaneous tax forms can be filed.  Thus, taxpayers may file for an extension online AND also make a payment with the extension if they are unable to file the State of Hawaii individual or business income tax return by the April 20th deadline.  To process online payments, all that is needed is a checking account.  There is a minimal fee of $2.50 per transaction if an online payment is made.  For filings where no payment is required, no transaction fee will be charged.

The website has numerous security features as the Department has made it a priority to safeguard information, so taxpayers will feel safe and secure as they file and pay electronically.  All personal information traveling between the taxpayer's computer and the eHawaiiGov server is encrypted with SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) and sent to the eHawaiiGov server.  To further protect confidential tax information, the taxpayer's computer is not allowed to store any confidential information on the hard drive in the event an unauthorized person gains access to the computer.  In addition, account information is not saved as part of the registration profile so information must be re-entered each time a tax payment is made.

To obtain more information about Internet filing, call the Department's Taxpayer Services Branch at (808) 587-4242 or toll-free at 1-800-222-3229.