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RELEASED:  October 31, 2001

The State Department of Taxation has made filing State taxes more convenient by adding a number of new online services.

"We have added the more widely used business tax forms on our website that can now be filed and paid electronically at the taxpayers' convenience," said state Tax Director Marie Okamura.  "Taxpayers no longer have to mail in forms, and can file their taxes after regular business hours.  By doing this, we are keeping in line with Governor Ben Cayetano's vision for making government more accessible to Hawaii's people by offering mroe services through the Internet."

Among the offering to assist businesses are period returns for general excise tax, the transient accommodations tax, and employer withholding taxes.  Tax clearance applications may also be filed.

For individuals and businesses wanting to make income tax payments, the website offers estimated payments, income tax extension applications,a nd bill payments for delinquent taxes.

Payment of these taxes can be made with a credit card or electronic check subject to a nominal transaction fee.

Taxpayers may utilize these services through the State of Hawaii's Internet website:

The site has also been enhanced to provide taxpayers with a customized listing of forms that is based on deadline dates and other information contained in the registration data.  This feature assists the taxpayer in selecting only those forms that are appropriate for that time of the year.

Forn obtaining more information call the Department's Taxpayer Services Branch at (808) 587-4242 or toll-free at 1-800-222-3229.

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