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Criminal Tax Media Releases

RELEASED: November 20, 2001


Tax Director Marie Okamura announced that on Nov 20, 2001, Judge Michael Town sentenced Ms. Rosalinda DeGuzman, a tax return preparer for RB Tax Service to a fine of $2,000 and placed on probation for 5 years.  Ms. DeGuzman was also ordered to perform 200 hours of community service and to also write a personal letter of apology to Marie Okamura, Director of Taxation for her crimes.  The defense counsel also requested a Deferred Acceptance of Guilty Plea (DAG) which was denied by the Court.  As a result of the denial of the DAG, Ms. DeGuzman's conviction as a felon will stand.

In a plea agreement, Ms. DeGuzman pled guilty to six felony counts of aiding in the preparation of false income tax returns.  The false preparation of tax returns stemmed from overstated itemized deductions.

All of the principal tax return preparers at RB Tax Service except Vivian Soong have pled guilty to multiple felony tax violations.  Vivian Soong was arraigned on Nov 19, 2001 where she pled "not guilty" and trial is scheduled for Jan 22, 2002.

Tax Director Okamura continues to encourage taxpayers to voluntarily file their tax returns.  The department will generally not initiate a criminal investigation when taxpayers voluntarily come forward to report their failure to file or other omissions. 

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