graphic: DOTAX Media Release
Department of Taxation Issues Supplement to Booklet A,
Employer’s Tax Guide

RELEASED:  December 24, 2002
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The Department of Taxation is mailing a supplemental insert to the Booklet A, Employer’s Tax Guide (revised 2001, effective January 1, 2002), to all Hawaii employers.

Although the withholding rate schedules and tables have not changed, several sections of the Booklet A are being revised to reflect the use of a new payment voucher, Form VP-1, to which payments of taxes withheld from employees’ wages should be attached.

Other changes were made to clarify provisions, add information, discuss changes to Form HW-6, Employee’s Statement Concerning Nonresidence in the State of Hawaii, and introduce new Form HW-7, Exemption From Withholding on Nonresident Employee’s Wages.

The Supplemental Insert to Booklet A, Employer’s Tax Guide, also is available at any district tax office, by calling our 24-hour request line at 587-7572 (toll-free at 1-800-222-7572), and on the Department’s website at