449-1Definitions 449-1.5Applicability of chapter 449-1.6Name of escrow depository 449-1.7Indicia of escrow depository prohibited 449-1.8Confidential portion of application or records 449-1.9Powers of commissioner 449-2Rules 449-3Excepted from this chapter 449-4Administrative penalty 449-5License required to act as escrow depository 449-5.5Net capital 449-6Application for license 449-7Investigation and ruling 449-7.4Grant of approval 449-7.5Licensing requirements 449-8Issuance and renewal of license 449-8.5Denial of license 449-8.6Sale or transfer of license or change in control 449-9Escrow depository's bond 449-10Suit on bond 449-11Fidelity bonds; deposit 449-12Errors and omissions insurance; deposit 449-13Cancellation of bonds or insurance; withdrawal of deposits 449-14Fees 449-15Audited statements 449-16Accounting for moneys, property, etc. 449-16.5Earnings on funds 449-17Revocation and suspension of licenses 449-18Repealed 449-19Relocation of office 449-20Branch offices 449-20.5Closing branch office 449-21Maintenance of books and records 449-22Examinations 449-23Removal of officers or directors 449-24Termination of escrow depository operations

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  Collection of special mortgage recording fee, see §431P-16.


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