Contents 412:1-100 Short title 412:1-101 Purpose 412:1-102 Scope and application of chapter 412:1-103 Application to existing financial institutions 412:1-104 Names 412:1-105 Deposits 412:1-106 Headings; references 412:1-107 Particular provisions prevail 412:1-108 Jurisdiction conferred upon circuit court 412:1-109 Definitions 412:2-100 Commissioner of financial institutions; division of financial institutions 412:2-100.5 Powers of the commissioner 412:2-101 Deputy commissioner, acting commissioner 412:2-102 Examiners and other personnel 412:2-103 Disqualifications 412:2-104 Confidentiality of information possessed by commissioner 412:2-105 Fees 412:2-105.1 Hawaii financial institutions; fees; penalty 412:2-105.2 Hawaii financial institutions; assessments; fees; penalty 412:2-106 Public or private hearings 412:2-107 Rules 412:2-108 Alternative mortgage loans rules 412:2-109 Compliance resolution fund; financial institution examiners 412:2-110 Emergency applications 412:2-111 Commissioner's power to subpoena 412:2-200 Examinations 412:2-201 Use of federal examinations 412:2-300 Enforcement actions 412:2-301 Joint enforcement with federal regulatory agency 412:2-302 Cease and desist orders; grounds for issuance 412:2-303 Permanent cease and desist orders; procedure; hearing; enforcement 412:2-304 Temporary cease and desist orders; effective date; hearing; enforcement 412:2-305 Consent cease and desist orders 412:2-306 Removal or prohibition of institution-affiliated party; grounds 412:2-307 Removal or prohibition of institution-affiliated party; procedure; hearing; enforcement 412:2-308 Order of immediate suspension; procedure; effective date; hearing; enforcement 412:2-309 Consent order of removal or prohibition 412:2-310 Removal, prohibition, or suspension; effect of order 412:2-311 Suspension or revocation of charter or license 412:2-312 Suspension or revocation; procedure; hearing; enforcement 412:2-313 Consent suspension and revocation order 412:2-314 Action to correct capital and surplus impairment 412:2-315 National or state emergencies 412:2-400 Grounds for appointment of conservator or receiver 412:2-401 Appointment of conservator or receiver; judicial review 412:2-402 Additional grounds for appointment 412:2-403 Who may serve as conservator or receiver 412:2-404 Federal insurer as conservator or receiver; subrogation 412:2-405 Removal or replacement of conservator or receiver 412:2-406 Compensation and expenses of conservator or receiver 412:2-407 Stay of judicial proceedings 412:2-408 Duties and powers of conservator 412:2-409 Conservator's segregation of deposits 412:2-410 Supervised reorganization 412:2-411 Termination of conservatorship 412:2-412 Duties and powers of receiver 412:2-413 No interest on deposits of an institution in receivership 412:2-414 Optional court supervision 412:2-415 Notice of receivership; filing of claims 412:2-416 Liquidation by receiver; priority of claims 412:2-417 Final accounting and discharge 412:2-418 Transfer of assets in contemplation of insolvency void 412:2-419 Treatment of lessors 412:2-420 Claims for wrongful termination of employment 412:2-421 Bailments and safe deposit boxes in receivership 412:2-500 Definitions 412:2-501 Commissioner's determination of failing institution 412:2-502 Solicitation of purchasers 412:2-503 Applications to purchase 412:2-504 Granting of application; criteria for approval 412:2-505 Waiver of statewide concentration limits under the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, as amended 412:2-506 Charter or license 412:2-507 Expedited approvals 412:2-508 Provisional approval to organize 412:2-509 Effect of merger or acquisition on prior business, title and obligations 412:2-510 Commissioner's powers 412:2-511 Modification of time periods 412:2-512 Repealed 412:2-600 Applicability of part 412:2-601 Violation of chapter 412:2-602 Copying records of Hawaii financial institutions 412:2-603 Disclosures of records of Hawaii financial institutions 412:2-604 Concealment 412:2-605 Repealed 412:2-606 Witness; failure to testify or produce records 412:2-606.5 Financial institution name fraud 412:2-607 Deception; false statements 412:2-608 Misapplication of funds 412:2-609 Imposition of administrative fines; assessment 412:2-609.5 Imposition of administrative fines on persons who are not Hawaii financial institutions; assessment 412:2-610 Compromise or modification of administrative fines; 412:2-611 Action to recover administrative fines; deposit to compliance resolution fund 412:3-100 Applicability of this part 412:3-101 Name of financial institution 412:3-102 Change of name 412:3-103 Repealed 412:3-104 Qualifications of directors 412:3-105 Election and appointment of executive officers 412:3-106 Residency of chief executive officer 412:3-107 Meetings of the board 412:3-108 Generally accepted accounting principles 412:3-109 Charging down assets 412:3-110 Holding of assets 412:3-111 Maintenance of books and records 412:3-111.5 Request for information by the commissioner 412:3-112 Submissions to commissioner 412:3-113 Repealed 412:3-114 Duty to report illegal acts 412:3-114.5 Mandatory reporting of suspected financial abuse of an elder 412:3-115 Repealed 412:3-200 Applicability of part 412:3-201 Application for preliminary approval to organize a financial institution 412:3-202 Additional requirements for holding company 412:3-203 Deferral of application requirements 412:3-204 Publication of notice 412:3-205 Informational and comment proceeding on application 412:3-206 Grant of preliminary approval to organize a financial institution 412:3-207 Denial of preliminary approval to organize 412:3-208 Repealed 412:3-209 Paid-in capital and surplus 412:3-210 Repealed 412:3-211 Time limit to complete organization 412:3-212 Final application for charter or license 412:3-213 Denial of charter or license 412:3-300 Applicability of part 412:3-301 Application for license 412:3-302 Publication of notice 412:3-303 Informational and comment proceeding 412:3-304 Grant of approval 412:3-305 Denial of license 412:3-306 Paid-in capital and surplus 412:3-400 Applicability of part 412:3-401 Applicability of Hawaii Business Corporation Act 412:3-402 Capital stock 412:3-403 Dividends and other capital distributions 412:3-500 Prohibition of business at unauthorized locations 412:3-501 Authorized places of business 412:3-502 Foreign financial institution 412:3-503 Opening or relocating principal office, branch, or agency 412:3-504 Notice and deadline for opening or relocating principal office, branch, or agency 412:3-505 Opening or relocating out-of-state branch or agency 412:3-506 Opening or relocating a support facility 412:3-507 Closing branch or agency; temporary closures and relocations 412:3-508 Closing a support facility 412:3-509 Out-of-state branch or agency 412:3-600 Applicability of this part 412:3-601 No conversions, mergers, consolidations, acquisitions, assumptions, voluntary cessations of 412:3-602 Definitions 412:3-603 Procedure for applications pursuant to this part 412:3-604 Shareholder or member vote 412:3-605 Notice to credit union member 412:3-606 Conversion from State to comparable federal financial institution 412:3-607 Conversion from federal to comparable Hawaii financial institution 412:3-608 Conversion to another type of financial institution 412:3-609 Merger or consolidation of Hawaii financial institutions 412:3-610 Effect of conversion, merger, or consolidation 412:3-611 Merger or consolidation of financial institution holding companies 412:3-612 Acquisition of control of financial institution or financial institution holding company 412:3-613 Sale or acquisition of assets and transfer or assumption of liabilities 412:3-614 Sale or transfer of charter or license prohibited 412:3-615 Nonconforming assets or business 412:3-616 Authority for expedited conversion, merger, consolidation, acquisition, or assumption 412:3-617 Voluntary cessation of business; dissolution 412:3-618 Injunctions 412:4-100 Law applicable 412:4-101 Forms of deposit 412:4-102 Deposit account statements 412:4-103 Statements presumed correct after one year; statute of limitations 412:4-104 Federal deposit insurance required 412:4-105 Accounts held in more than one name 412:4-106 Fiduciary accounts 412:4-107 Accounts of minors 412:4-108 No notice of incapacity 412:4-109 Checks drawn or transfers or withdrawals made by authorized persons 412:4-110 Checks drawn or transfers or withdrawals made by intoxicated persons 412:4-111 Accounts of deceased nonresidents 412:4-112 Pledging of assets 412:5-100 Definition 412:5-101 Necessity for bank charter 412:5-200 General powers 412:5-201 Powers granted under federal law 412:5-202 Membership in federal banks 412:5-203 Operating subsidiaries 412:5-204 Acceptances of drafts and bills of exchange 412:5-205 Authority to engage in trust business 412:5-205.5 Insurance and annuities powers 412:5-205.6 Requirements of banks engaging in insurance activities 412:5-205.7 Securities powers 412:5-206 International banking facilities 412:5-300 Applicability of part 412:5-301 General requirements for loans 412:5-302 Limitations on loans and extensions of credit to one borrower 412:5-303 Loans to executive officers, directors, principal shareholders and affiliates 412:5-304 General requirement for investments 412:5-305 Permitted investments 412:5-306 Deposits made by banks 412:5-400 Definitions 412:5-401 Required approval 412:5-402 Procedure to obtain approval 412:5-403 Examination and regulation 412:5-404 Termination of authority of intra-Pacific bank 412:5-405 Termination of authority of intra-Pacific bank holding company 412:5-406 Paid-in capital and surplus 412:5-407 Same powers and duties as banks 412:5A-100 Applicability of other provisions of this chapter 412:5A-200 Scope and definitions 412:5A-201 Application; fee; approval 412:5A-202 Majority ownership by bank 412:5A-203 Paid-in capital and surplus 412:5A-204 Prohibition of business in United States 412:5A-205 Powers and duties 412:5A-206 Acceptance of deposits and reserves 412:5A-207 Deposit of corporate funds 412:5A-208 Limitation on investments 412:5A-209 Acquisition of stock in competing corporation 412:5A-210 Acquisition of stock to save a loss 412:5A-211 Prohibited corporate activities 412:5A-212 Improper discounting of loans 412:5A-213 Improper fixing of commodity prices 412:5A-214 Misrepresentation of state liability for bonds 412:5A-300 to 316 Repealed 412:6-100 Definition 412:6-101 Necessity for savings bank charter 412:6-200 General powers 412:6-201 Powers granted under federal law 412:6-202 Membership in federal home loan bank 412:6-203 Service corporations 412:6-204 Operating subsidiaries 412:6-300 Applicability of part 412:6-301 General requirements for loans 412:6-302 Requirements and limits for certain loans 412:6-303 Limitations on loans and extensions of credit to one borrower 412:6-304 Loans and extensions of credit to executive officers, directors, principal shareholders and 412:6-305 General requirement for investments 412:6-306 Permitted investments 412:6-307 Deposits made by savings banks 412:7-100 Definition 412:7-101 Necessity for savings and loan association charter 412:7-200 General powers 412:7-201 Powers granted under federal law 412:7-202 Membership in federal home loan bank 412:7-203 Service corporations 412:7-204 Operating subsidiaries 412:7-300 Applicability of part 412:7-301 General requirements for loans 412:7-302 Requirements and limits for certain loans 412:7-303 Limitations on loans and extensions of credit to one borrower 412:7-304 Loans and extensions of credit to executive officers, directors, principal shareholders and 412:7-305 General requirement for investments 412:7-306 Permitted investments 412:7-307 Deposits made by savings and loan associations 412:7-400 to 408 Repealed 412:8-100 Applicability of article 412:8-101 Definitions 412:8-102 Necessity for trust company charter 412:8-103 Authority to serve as trustee 412:8-200 General powers 412:8-201 Fiduciary powers 412:8-202 Acting as agent 412:8-203 Use of nominees 412:8-204 Agreement between trust companies and banks 412:8-300 Applicability of part 412:8-301 Permitted investments of capital and surplus 412:8-302 Deposits made by trust companies 412:8-400 General requirements 412:8-401 Trust funds awaiting investment 412:8-402 Common trust fund investments 412:8-403 Disclosure of fees 412:9-100 Definitions 412:9-101 Necessity for financial services loan company license 412:9-102 Annual license fee 412:9-103 Display of license 412:9-200 General powers 412:9-201 Powers that require regulatory approval 412:9-202 Prohibitions 412:9-300 General requirements for loans and extensions of credit 412:9-301 Interest computation methods 412:9-302 Interest rates 412:9-303 Effect of excessive interest 412:9-304 Consumer loan charges 412:9-305 Open-end consumer loans 412:9-306 Refunds on prepayment of a precomputed loan 412:9-307 Fraction of a month 412:9-308 Repayment terms 412:9-309 Assignments, sale or pledge of loans 412:9-400 Special powers of a depository financial services loan company 412:9-401 Required reserve for a depository financial services loan company 412:9-402 Membership in federal home loan bank 412:9-403 Service corporations 412:9-404 Limitations on loans and extensions of credit to one borrower 412:9-405 Loans and extensions of credit fully secured by real property 412:9-406 Repealed 412:9-407 Limits on transactions with affiliates, executive officers, directors or principal shareholders 412:9-408 General requirement for investments 412:9-409 Permitted investments 412:9-410 Deposits made by depository financial services loan companies 412:9-500 Prohibitions 412:9‑501 Registration of nondepository financial services loan companies with NMLS 412:10-100 Definitions 412:10-101 Necessity for credit union charter 412:10-102 Capital stock or surplus 412:10-103 Application for charter 412:10-104 Articles and bylaws 412:10-105 Disclosure of information 412:10-106 Deposit and share insurance 412:10-107 Grant of approval 412:10-108 Denial of charter 412:10-109 Membership 412:10-110 Membership meetings 412:10-111 Voting 412:10-112 Board of directors 412:10-113 No compensation of directors or committee members 412:10-114 Credit committee 412:10-115 Credit manager 412:10-116 Loan officers 412:10-117 Supervisory committee 412:10-118 Record of officials 412:10-119 Conflicts of interest 412:10-120 Suspension or removal of officials 412:10-121 Central credit unions 412:10-122 Taxation 412:10-123 Fiscal year 412:10-124 Conducting business outside this State 412:10-125 Credit union advisory board 412:10-200 General powers 412:10-201 Powers granted under federal law 412:10-202 Credit union service organizations 412:10-203 Sale or purchase of obligations or notes 412:10-204 Sale or purchase of assets 412:10-300 Applicability of other provisions of this chapter 412:10-301 Share accounts and membership shares 412:10-302 Dividends 412:10-303 Deposit accounts 412:10-304 Withdrawals 412:10-305 Minor accounts 412:10-306 Joint accounts 412:10-307 Trust accounts 412:10-308 Payable-on-death accounts 412:10-309 Liens 412:10-310 Dormant accounts 412:10-400 Applicability of part 412:10-401 General requirements for loans 412:10-402 Loans to members 412:10-403 Interest rates 412:10-404 Other charges 412:10-405 Applications 412:10-406 Prepayment of loan 412:10-407 Limitations on obligations of one borrower 412:10-408 Loans to officials 412:10-409 Real estate mortgage loans 412:10-410 Lines of credit 412:10-411 Loans to other credit unions 412:10-412 Participation loans 412:10-413 Other loan programs 412:10-500 Applicability of part 412:10-501 General requirement for investments 412:10-502 Permitted investments 412:10-503 Deposits made by credit unions 412:10-600 Regular reserve 412:10-601 Special reserves 412:10-602 Risk assets 412:10-700 Insurance for members 412:10-701 Liability insurance for officers 412:10-702 Group purchasing 412:10-703 Money-type instruments 412:10-704 Retirement accounts 412:10-800 Application of part 412:10-801 Purposes 412:10-802 Membership 412:10-803 Organization 412:10-804 Management and operation of corporate credit union 412:10-805 Powers 412:10-806 Participation in central system 412:10-807 Collection on loans to members 412:10-808 Meetings 412:11-100 Applicability of article 412:11-101 Registration and reporting of financial institution 412:11-102 Examination of financial institution holding company 412:11-103 Use of state or federal examinations 412:11-104 Service of process 412:11-105 Sanctions for failure to register or submit reports 412:11-106 Injunctions 412:12-100 Purpose 412:12-101 Definitions 412:12-102 Authority of Hawaii state banks to establish interstate branches by merger 412:12-103 Authority of Hawaii state banks to establish a de novo interstate branch or acquire an interstate 412:12-104 Authority of out-of-state banks to establish interstate branches in Hawaii by merger 412:12-105 Authority of out-of-state banks to establish a de novo interstate branch or acquire an interstate 412:12-106 No concentration limit under Hawaii state law; waiver of federal concentration limits 412:12-107 Powers; additional branches 412:12-108 Examinations; periodic reports; cooperative agreements; assessment of fees 412:12-109 Enforcement 412:12-110 Notice of subsequent merger, etc. 412:13-100 Title and purpose 412:13-101 Application to existing foreign banks 412:13-102 Definitions 412:13-200 Purpose 412:13-201 Branches and agencies of foreign banks; necessity of licensure 412:13-202 Application to establish and maintain a branch or agency; contents 412:13-203 Application to establish and maintain a branch or agency; manner of filing and determination 412:13-204 Denial of license 412:13-205 Amended license to establish and maintain a branch or agency 412:13-206 Application fees 412:13-207 No concurrent maintenance of federal branches or agencies 412:13-208 Powers of branch and agency 412:13-209 Filing of amendments to articles of incorporation 412:13-210 Separate assets 412:13-211 Disclosure of lack of deposit insurance 412:13-212 Limitations on payment of interest on deposits 412:13-213 Pledge of assets 412:13-214 Asset maintenance 412:13-215 Representative office of foreign banks; necessity of licensure 412:13-216 Representative office; application 412:13-217 Representative office; factors for approval of application 412:13-218 Representative office; permissible activities 412:13-219 Posting of license 412:13-220 Licenses not transferable 412:13-221 Change of control of foreign bank 412:13-222 Relocation of office; written application necessary 412:13-223 Examination; payment of fees 412:13-224 Supervision and enforcement 412:13-225 Reports 412:13-226 Books, accounts, and records 412:13-227 Voluntary closure of branch, agency, or representative office; application 412:13-228 Suspension or revocation of license; grounds; procedures 412:13-229 Immediate suspension or revocation 412:13-230 Seizure of foreign bank's property and business; liquidation 412:13-300 Purposes 412:13-301 Establishment of interstate branches in this State by out-of-state foreign banks 412:14-100 Automated teller machine fees

     §412:10-401  General requirements for loans.  A credit union shall make loans and extensions of credit that are consistent with prudent lending practices and in compliance with all applicable federal and state law. [L 1993, c 350, pt of §1]